Premium Metalatex Water-Base Enamel

Metalatex Eco Water-based enamel is a paint with excellent coverage and a fine finish, which provides beautification and protection of external and internal surfaces of metals, wood (except for naval type) and wickerwork. Its exclusive formula does not leave the white color yellow and guarantees an ultra-fast drying, it is odorless *, it has easy application and the highest brightness of the category. Since it is water-based and does not use turpentine as a solvent, it facilitates the cleaning and reuse of brushes and foam rollers. The Metalatex Eco Esmalte line guarantees more health and safety for you and the environment. * Following the application instructions correctly and keeping the environment ventilated, after 3 1 hour of application, the characteristic smell of the paint is practically imperceptible. 


Gallon (3.6L): 40m² to 55m² per coat Room (900ml): 10m² to 13m² per coat
Gallon (3.2L): 35m² to 48m² per coat Room (800ml): 9m² to 11m² per coat

Ready Mix: according to the color chart in high gloss and satin finishes.
Base: according to the color chart of the Tinting System. Just before opening the package to perform the dyeing, turn it upside down to moisten the entire interior, including the lid.

To the touch: 30 minutes
Between coats: 2 to 4 hours
Final: 4 hours

– Mix the product well before and during the application;
– Apply at room temperature between 10 ° C and 40 ° C;
– Avoid applying it on rainy days, on a hot surface, with an intense draft or with a relative humidity above 90%;
– Apply the product evenly, avoiding excessive transfers;
– Do not interrupt the application in the middle of the surface;
– Avoid isolated touch-ups after drying the product.