Floor Systems

Flooring is the most important feature in any building to make it beautiful, practical and add a sense of

personality. The floor is the finishing touch and the material most touched by the regular user of any

building, structure or home. Any building you set foot into, you come in contact with the floor.  Beneath

your feet, there is an entire system of layers and parts which go together to create this finished look.

Buildmate Flooring Solutions Have Many Advantages

Our flooring solutions meet the highest requirements for industrial floor systems (typically applied in manufacturing industry,
life science industry, warehouses and parking garages) as well as decorative floor systems (typically applied in
commercial, institutional and residential buildings).


For our seamless flooring solutions we use a wide range of technologies: epoxy, epoxy-cementitious hybrid, P.M.M.A.,
polyurethane, polyurethane-cementitious hybrid, acrylic, acrylic-cementitious hybrid, cementitious, polyurea,


Sustainability is one of the main drivers of Buildmate flooring innovation. We focus on indoor air quality, low VOC and odor,
system durability with minimal maintenance requirements, easy  and economic floor refurbishment and low energy
demand in the life cycle. Find out how Buildmate flooring solutions can contribute to sustainable construction.


Our quality products are designed for the latest trends and requirements and comply with relevant regulations
and standards, e.g. ISO 9001 and 14001, CE-MARKING, AgBB, M1, CSM, etc.


Our flooring specialists are located in every region of the world to provide assistance before, during and after each floor
installation ensuring that the entire process goes flawlessly.