Soudal Gun & Foam Cleaner 500ML

Click & Clean is ready to use cleaning aerosol can for use on Soudafoam Gun and Soudafoam 1K. It has been fitted with the unique patented Click&Fix adapter system for maximum comfort in use.
– Used in conjunction with Soudafoam Gun and the foam applicator as
cleaning fluid
– Contains solvents
– Can be used with normal foams cans due to the attachable nozzle
– Only 90° turn needed to insert the can into the gun adapter
– Clicks into perfect fit in the gun adapter
– Saves time when inserting and removing can
– Cleaning of the gun
– Cleaning of the valves of the PU Foam Aerosol
– Removal of uncured foam
Method: remove can of Soudafoam Click&Fix from the foam gun by turning 90°. Aerosol can, shake thoroughly before application. Attach red nozzle to the Click&Clean and clean uncured foam inside the foam gun and the front nozzle of the gun. Insert into gun adapter, turn 90° and click to fit into foam gun. Apply trigger of foam gun until the spray out of the nozzle is completely clear without anymore traces
of foam.
Application temperature: +5°C to +30°C
Clean: with dry cloth
– Reiniging van het pistool na elk gebruik
– Reiniging van vers gemorst schuim