Sikavit-CF is a Accelerator and antifreeze without chlorine for concrete and mortar.


Sikavit-CF – Accelerator setting and hardening – Sika
Sikavit-CF is a Accelerator and antifreeze without chlorine for concrete and mortar.
Areas of application
Sikavit-CF is an antifreeze without chlorine, economical and reliable, which is especially suitable for concrete and masonry during winter periods.
Sikavit-CF is suitable for use in a reinforced concrete, concrete, and masonry mortar.
The product can be used during light freeze during the day or in the anticipation of night Frost and cold waves.
The use of the Sikavit-CF has no negative consequences at the start of the concrete pump.
Features / benefits
Sikavit-CF improves the workability of the fresh concrete and mortar of masonry without additional air bubbles.
In addition, Sikavit-CF accelerates the reaction of cement and thereby also the fresh concrete and masonry mortar curing process.
In the presence of low temperatures, the required pressure (10 N/mm²) resistance is reached in a shorter time.
5 litre can
Sikavit-CF can be dosed at the same time as the mixing water or be added together with the mixing water.
The practical life of the concrete/mortar of masonry is based on several parameters, such as the type of cement, the cement content, water content and temperature.
In addition, should be considered with the following factors:
cement dosage: at least 300 kg/m²
do not use raw, frames or frozen forms
the fresh concrete temperature should be at least + 5 ° C during the casting in the formwork
reduce the mixing water at a minimum
protect the concrete from the loss of moisture or heat until a pressure of at least 10 N/mm² strength
The dosage is about 1.0 to 2.0% of the cement weight. A preliminary suitability test is required before use.