Sikalatex 360

SikaLatex®-360 is an aqueous dispersion of synthetic resins that comes in the form of a milky liquid.
  • Additive for mortars and plasters (cement, plaster, lime).
  • Adhesion primer before mortars and adhesive mortars.
  • Cure without sanding for concrete and mortars.


  • Mixed with the mixing water:

  SikaLatex®-360 improves the implementation, the plasticity of the mortars, the adhesion on all the supports, even smooth, the waterproofing, the mechanical resistance and the surface hardness. Reduces wear, dust and the risk of crazing.  

  • Used pure:

  Bonding primer before mortars and adhesive mortars: Substrates: concrete slab, cement screed, tiling, PVC slab, plasterboards, plaster tiles. Cure for concrete and mortars: – Reduces rapid water evaporation and cracking. – Can be covered without mechanical stripping.