Novacor Extra

Novacor Extra is an acrylic paint suitable for exteriors and interiors.


Novacor Extra is an acrylic paint suitable for exteriors and interiors. As it is odorless, it allows the painting to be done in occupied internal areas and ensures that the environment remains odorless * within 1 hour after application. It has three finishes: satin matte and semi-gloss * Following the application instructions correctly and keeping the environment ventilated, after 1 hour of application, the characteristic smell of the paint is practically imperceptible. Important: the base must be used only after dyeing using the Sherwin-Williams Tinting System.

Room (800 ML): 17M² to 22M² per coat
Room: up to 22 M²
Bucket (20L): 440 M² to 555 M² per coat
Bucket: up to 555 M²
Gallon (3.6L): 80 M² to 100 M² per coat
Gallon (3.2L): 70 M² to 88 M² per coat
Gallon: up to 100 M²
Can (18L): 395 M² to 500 M² per coat
Can (16L): 350 M² to 444 M² per coat
Can: up to 500 M²

Ready Mix: according to the color chart in satin, semi-gloss and matte finishes. Base: according to the color chart of the Tinting System. Just before opening the package to perform the dyeing, turn it upside down to moisten the entire interior, including the lid.

Touch: 30 min.
Between coats: 2 to 4 hours.
Final: 4 hours

– Mix the product well before and during the application;
– Apply at room temperature between 10 ° C and 40 ° C;
– Avoid applying on rainy days, on a hot surface, with an intense draft or with a relative humidity above 90%;
– Apply the product evenly, avoiding excessive transfers;
– Do not interrupt the application in the middle of the surface;
– Avoid isolated touch-ups after drying the product.

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