Maxdan Caucho

It is a stable bituminous emulsion in dark brown colour and doughy consistency. Composed of tiny bituminous particles in a water solution with an emulsifying agent. The latter contains certain SBS products that confer the MAXDAN CAUCHO dry film a perfect adherence, flexibility and elasticity.

It complies with the specifications required by UNE 104-231/88.

It is used for protection of walls, separating walls and foundations, deposits, etc., as well as vapour barrier. Can also be used for repairing old waterproofing systems.


 Technical Data

Viscosity at 20 ° C (Brookfield RVT, spindle 5, 100 rpm) 10 – 30 poises
Density at 20 ° C 1,0 – 1,2 g/cm3
Water content 50 %
Colour Dark brown
Toxicity Null
Flammability Null
Drying time at 20-25 ° C and 50% relative humidity 24 h
Application temperature + 5 ºC
Performance 1 Kg/mper layer

 Standards and Certification





Cans 25 kg
Output 1.0 kg/m²
Product Code 311051

 Instruction for use



 Handling, Storage and Conservation

– This product is not toxic and non -flammable.
– Will be stored in a dry place protected from rain, Sun, heat, and cold temperatures. Temperatures below 0 ° C can affect the quality of the product. With these conditions and their tightly closed source packaging, the product can remain stored approximately six months from the date of manufacture.
– The product will be used in order of arrival to work.
– In all cases, standards of safety and hygiene at work, as well as standards of good practice of the construction must be taken into account.
– In case of sedimentary material, it must be removed to return to the initial state.
– Danosa recommend consult the safety data sheet of this product which is permanently available at, or you can request in writing to our technical department.
– For any further clarification, please consult with our Technical Department.


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