Juntodan E

Juntodan E is a product for the sealing of joints, composed of modified bitumen. It is presented in cords shape of approximately 50 cm long and in various diameters. It allows the performance of the joint and its free movement over time.


Standards and Certification

Complies with the requirements of the Technical Building Code.
Complies with the specifications required in the UNE 104-233/90(type E).


Recommended use:
– It is used as sealing material in half expansion joints in construction and public works.
– It is used as filler expansion joints in hydraulic works, ditches, canals, water tanks, swimming pools, dams, terraces, concrete, etc.

Other uses:
– Sealing cracks and fissures.


ml for box 72 / 42 / 30 ml
Boxes 144 / 84 / 60 cords
Length 50 cm
Diameter 15 / 20 / 25 mm
Product Code 311070 / 311071 /311072

 Advantages and Benefits

JUNTODAN E remains plastic during an indefinite time, it does not get hardened by the lack of solvents, is flexible at low temperatures, does not flow to high ambient temperatures, it has very good adhesion to the sides of the joints and easily absorbs movements or without cracking or discard.

– Easy implementation in cold.
– Great internal cohesion.
– Accepts movements without discard.
– Do not flow at elevated temperatures.
– Exempt of solvents.
– adaptation to any type of medium.

– Good adhesion to the concrete.
– Adaptation to any joint.
– Preserves its properties over time.
– Insensitive to water.
– Waterproofing.
– Non-toxic, or flammable


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