Building Envelope Systems

Sustainable construction begins with an efficient building envelope. As the single largest building element, the building envelope or building shell separates the interior of the building from the external environment and includes the roof, walls, windows, glazing, floors and all the joints in between.

A high-performance envelope must meet the project’s requirements for acoustic, thermal, structural, visual, air-quality, fire-resistant, watertight, temperature-control and aesthetic needs. Along with this great responsibility, the building envelope presents great opportunities to enhance sustainability and reduce long-term costs of buildings throughout their life.  

Homes can lose as much as


of their heating and cooling energy
through cracks and gaps in the building
The energy lost through a building’s
walls, roofs and windows is the largest
single waste of


in most buildings, especially those in hot
climates. As a result, the energy
efficiency of a building often depends on
the materials that help create
its envelope.**

The annual required cooling energy for
an entire building can be reduced by over


when passive thermal building envelope
design and material selection strategies
such as insulation, joint sealing, color
and glazing systems are implemented

Buildmate Provides a Sustainable, Economical, Holistic Solution

Sealants amount to approximately 1% of the construction costs of a typical large building project. In the case of water leakage, however, the renovation and repair costs are many times that of the initial installation.

In a globalized market with increased numbers of construction suppliers and material options, tighter budgets and higher requirements in energy efficiency and profitability, it is crucial to have a reliable and competent partner for the entire building envelope system.

Buildmate has a holistic, intercompatible portfolio of products which all work together to ensure the facade is air and water tight.